Castle Rock Churches

Epistle to the Church of Castle Rock

From: Front Range Christian Church

To the Church of Castle Rock,
Greetings from Front Range Christian Church. You are a major reason there is a church called Front Range here in Castle Rock. God used your love for your pastor, your church and this community to draw our family to this town, as we knew God was up to something. I have always lived by the motto “Don’t walk somewhere and ask God to bless you, but find out where God is blessing and see if He will let you join Him.” God is blessing this town and you are a major part of that.

Very few towns have a weekly gathering of pastors who pray for one another and encourage one another. Very few towns have a group of churches who write and read inspiring, biblical notes to one another. Very few towns are seeing the move of God that we are seeing here in Castle Rock.

Be encouraged! God is doing great things here. God is using you. Keep the faith. Don’t give up. Keep loving your pastor, the people in the church, and your neighbor well. May we continue to see God do greater things as the world is drawn to Jesus because of our love for one another.

A fellow soldier, co-laborer and servant in Christ,
Ernest Smith

Published: 2016-06-16

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