Castle Rock Churches

Epistle to the Church of Castle Rock

From: New Covenant Church

Pastoral Letter of Encouragement

To our brothers and sisters, the Bride of Christ, living in and around Castle Rock, Franktown, and Larkspur. Grace and peace to you in Jesus’ Name from your sister church, New Covenant in Larkspur.

We love you so much! As the Apostle Paul wrote many times in his letters, “we always thank God when we remember you in our prayers.” You give us so many reasons to be grateful! God is doing powerful things in and around our region. And He is doing it through the unity and love that we continue to show each other just as Jesus prayed for in John 17!

Please pray for us as we look for more ways to respond to the needs of our community. Our ultimate goal is to help people become true followers of Jesus and fully embrace their role as children of The Most High God as reflected in Romans 8, so that we may reflect Jesus to this world looking for hope.

May you continue to grow in the faith, hope, and love that is found in Jesus.

In Christ, Mike Caulley and the New Covenant family

Published: 2016-08-14

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