Castle Rock Churches

Epistle to the Church of Castle Rock

From: Ridgeline Community Church

To those set apart as the People of God in Castle Rock,

May the undeserved, unending, loyal sacrificial love of the Father and the wholeness of life the brings true peace be with you all who have been called by the Father, redeemed by the Son and sealed for ministry by the Holy Spirit.

We continue to pray for each of you, that your faith in Jesus Christ, from who our life, forgiveness from sin and eternal destiny flows. It is the Good News about Him that we encourage each fellowship in Castle Rock to boldly proclaim: that Salvation has come, that it is here for all who would receive it, through faith in Jesus Christ. May His Presence fill each of your churches to the degree that others would seek and want the blessing of new life in Him. May our God and Father protect you, strengthen your witness and enable your ministries to more fully reflect the grace that He gives through His Son Jesus.

Brian Grams
Interim Pastor

Published: 2016-09-23

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